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Friday, February 08, 2008
I remembered somebody asking me if I have tried online gambling. That was about a year ago. When I said no, she looked at me as if I just threw up all over her couch. She told me that I'm so not "in" with the new things on the cyberspace.

I have an argument, an objection is more like it, and I was ready for a night-long discussion about my awareness of the new and "hot" stuff on the internet, but I've never seen her so eager and enthusiastic to be finally showing me something on the internet that I let it pass by. She's not really into technology and modern age innovations so I gave in and let her show me her new addiction.

Online Casinos.

She showed me a lot of online gambling websites. She doesn't necessarily play on all of them, but she sure has an "informed" opinion of what's a good online casino and what's not.

Apparently, there are websites like Mi Casino Portal that provide information about online casinos available on the internet. They have reviews of these sites and descriptions of what features and bonuses those gambling sites offer.

Casinos on the internet are not exactly new to my ear, but the way my friend told me everything she knew about them, I felt like I've never heard of playing cards at all. I see ads of these online casinos left and right, and I actually ignored them and considered them as spam advertisements. It is only recently when I myself needed some information about poker that I found these casino review sites helpful for someone who are in dire need of gambling information.

I thank them not only for the information they offer, but also for giving my friend something to keep herself busy with other than bug me with her chaotic lovelife. :)

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