Cheer me up, me booties!
Thursday, February 21, 2008
Something beautiful happened earlier this week that lifted my spirits up from the stress I've been going through.


Remember the pairs of boots that I've been pining for last year? Well, I got them! I haven't taken pics of the actual items, but I got them last Monday. Yeah, I know this is another late post, but until my PC at home is fixed, I can't update as regularly as I want. It's okay, it's almost done. I probably be catching up on my bloghopping and paid opps at home by tonight.

Anyway, I am so loving them! I can't wear the knee-high boots yet, because pregnant women are discouraged from wearing heeled shoes as doing so increases the chances of developing those ugly varicose veins on my legs. Not that my legs are so damn pretty, but I don't want them showing early signs of ageing, do I?

I wore the Angel-Devil boots last Monday, though. I just wanted to try it on, but they felt so much more comfortable than the flat pumps that I was wearing that I wore them (the boots) the whole day. It felt like walking flat-footed on carpet, probably because it has a fur-like material inside, from the leg part all the way to the bottom part.

Spammer, my "uber shopaholic officemate/friend/future godmother of Baby Kobe" (oh yeah, I owe you another post about Baby Frost #2's name ), also got a pair of the Angel-Devil boots, and she got hers the same day I did mine. However, since the boots didn't really go with that she was wearing that day, she waited till the next day to wear hers. Good thing, too, because we don't really want to be called "The Boots Twins". Or somebody might brand one of the the Angel, and the other the Devil. They'd probably have a hard time deciding who's the Angel and who's the Devil between us.

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