Payoneer Schmayoneer
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Last month, I absentmindedly applied for Payoneer Debit MasterCard. I didn't even check the pricing tab because what registered to my mind was the free application and card delivery. What a big mistake.

Like I said, I applied for it absentmindedly, so after I got the confirmation email, I completely forgot about it. Until the payment for my paid opps came.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Payoneer with the subject line Good News! You have received money from [insert paid opp website here]! They automatically changed my payment settings from Paypal to Payoneer! Without a notification whatsoever!

Thing is, I need to activate my card first before I can load the payment I received into the account. And I haven't received the card yet. I sent an inquiry to Payoneer's customer support regarding delivery period of international cards. To be fair, their customer support was efficient and prompt in replying to inquiries. They said international card deliveries usually take 3-5 weeks. I planned to wait until 5 weeks since my card was approved (based on the date of the approval email I got) before I follow up on it again.

Sure enough, I got my card a couple of days after I made the inquiry. I immediately activated my card and loaded the payment I received into the account. As it turns out, there's a $10 activation fee. And $3 monthly maintenance fee. And $5 immediate load fee. So that's a total of $18 deducted from account as soon as I loaded it funds.

I checked their fees and pricing table, and I found that they actually charge you for every transaction you do. Darn it.

I thought of ways on how I can transfer the funds to my Paypal account because I was planning to save all my paid opps earnings so I can buy a nice, reliable breast pump. I wanted to convert every cent in my Payoneer account to my Paypal so I can avoid further deductions like maintenance fees, which are automatically deducted from the account.

After so many hits and misses, I finally discovered that you can use ALL (as in down to the last cent) of your debit card funds to send money through Paypal. I think your debit card must have some history of activity to be able to send money.

Bottom line, that's another episode that I'm charging to experience. If only I could remember to be more aware of my internet activities, no matter how trivial they may be.


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