The newbie poker tournament conclusion
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
This is a long-overdue post. Remember the newbie poker tournament some friends were working on? Well, it finally happened last weekend.

Despite all the help I got from friends, my poker pro partner, and even the Online Casinos that I visited, I lost the tournament. And it's not because of lack of understanding (although that sort of part of the reason), but more because of lack of comfort and too much pressure that my pro partner (and the rest of the guys) put on me.

You see, most of them were rooting for me because of my gambling background. No, I'm not a gambler in its fullest sense, but I used to "own" my brothers whenever we play another card game, "Tong-its" in Filipino, I dunno what it's called in English.

Anyway, the pressure got to me. I was doubting every move and decision I make. My bluffing was so terribly lame. Even I wouldn't buy my own act.

One thing I learned is that, to win a poker game, you need to have self confidence. Lots of it. I'm talking endless, unwavering supply of self confidence. Nobody will buy your bluffs if you yourself won't believe what you are bluffing about. If you waste your time questioning every single move or decision you make, you're better off playing Lucky 9 with the kids.

Oh well, I didn't lose money or anything. I was able to brush off all the trash talking with humor and smart-aleck comebacks, so I guess it's not that big a deal.

So much for trying something new.

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