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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
After my episode with the newbie poker tournament with some friends, I'm starting to understand why people get hooked in gambling, online or in real life.

My friend who found solace in online casinos is now very serious in learning the tricks of the trade. Her favorite websites include one that that lists the Best UK Casinos. Apparently, these websites tell her what to look for in a casino. She plays on the online casinos too, but she feels it's time to try playing in a real casino.

My friends who organized the newbie poker tournament are also talking about trying to play on online casinos. Thing is, they want to play all at the same time so they can play against each other. I mean, what's the point of going online to play poker if you're gonna play with the same people you play with off line? Those guys are ridiculous.

Anyway, these are my friends who found in gambling - online or in real life - what I found in gaming - online, LAN, console, or street. We all found comfort and a sense of expertise, something we can say that we're good at. And that's important in boosting our self-confidence.

And we need all the self-confidence we need to win our gambles and games.


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