Stress is...
Saturday, February 16, 2008
... what I've been going through the past week. A terrible case of stress.

I've been unable to update you guys for the past couple of days because my PC at home still isn't working. Been really busy at work and I even went down with fever on Valentine's Day.

I'm stressing over a number of things right now.
  • Issen's nanny is pregnant and I can't find a replacement (HELP!).
  • My PC at home is still broken (somebody's gonna fix it today, I hope they'd fix it for good).
  • Mr. Frost is away for the weekend for an event at Laoag City, north of the Philippines, about 10 hours travel by land from Manila.
  • I still am not feeling well, physically. Clogged nose and slight fever still holding up.
  • Being the powerful goddess that I am, somebody has stabbed me on the back and is trying to bring me down by spreading rumors about me and Mr. Frost. Good luck to her.

I'm at the office right now (yes, on a Saturday morning) because I need to do some work wherein the details need to be from today's numbers. I am also waiting for the guys who'll fix the PC.

Ugh. I hope things will get better soon.


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