Still on settling debts
Friday, February 22, 2008
I got a call earlier this afternoon from the lawyer of my credit card company, the one that I haven't settled yet. He didn't give me the usual lines about me getting a civil case because of my non-payment. He merely asked about my plans, if I have any, of settling my debt to the credit card company. It was a pleasant conversation, no hard feelings or threats whatsoever. :)

Anyway, that call made me panic unnecessarily again. My balance isn't that big anymore, but the last guys I talked to before today told me that I have to pay it in full already. I really have to work on settling this credit card debt for my own peace of mind.

Makes me wonder why there are no consumer credit resource here in the country. I believe there are entities in the States that help consumers with bad credit rating. There are so many establishments offering such services that another group of service came out, one that helps in analyzing what credit offer is the best for you.

Some of their services include debt consolidation, where they can consolidate all your debts so you only have to make one payment with low interest rates and reduce your total balances up to 60%. Another service is their personal loan, where you can get cash loans for whatever purpose you may have - pay bills, financial emergencies, buy a new gadget. They'll give you instant cash loans no matter how bad your credit history is.

Ah, I definitely need to come up with something. If only cater to international clients as well, then I wouldn't be this worried.


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