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Thursday, February 21, 2008
We were on our way to work this morning when we saw a stalled car up ahead the corner where we would turn right.

The car's hood is up so we assumed it was engine trouble, but we wondered why the guys there are standing by the door instead of working on the engine.

When we came closer, we realized what they were doing by the door. Take a look.

To those who can't figure it out, we surmised that the driver got locked out of his car. He probably had an engine trouble so he popped the hood and got off the car to check on the engine, leaving the keys in the ignition, or anywhere inside the car. I don't know how the door closed and locked, but since they're trying to pry open the door, that's probably what happened.

How convenient. How smart.

Most likely, the car driver can't believe his luck, or lack of it. And so very early in the morning.


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