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Monday, January 15, 2007
So here I am, more than a month since my last post. And definitely ages late for my Holiday greetings.

Things have been crazy both at work and at home, with Issen knowing already how to demand my attention whenever I'm around. I still owe you my long-overdue birth story, my maternity leave being cut short, Issen's baptism, my breastfeeding experience, our company Christmas party with The Dawn (ah yeah!), the Razorback/Wolfgang reunion concert (yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!), and a lot more kwentos.

Since those kwentos are pretty much old news as of today, you will never get to hear about them anymore. Bwahahah! Seriously, I'll drop a line or two about them eventually.

For now, I'd like to share how big Issen has grown. I can tell that he can't wait to speak now. He smiles, even laughs at times, and coos a lot when you talk to him. But nothing can stimulate his smiles better than his father's voice.

When I, or anybody else at home, talks to Issen, he would smile and coo appreciatively. But when he hears and sees Mr. Frost's voice and face, he screams and laughs like there's no tomorrow and kicks like he wants to fall off the bed. I swear this kid is gonna grow up to be Daddy's boy. Don't worry, Sikei, you're still Mommy's precious baby kuya.

Little Issen has filled up quite significantly. Take a look at these two pictures:
Two days after birth

A month and two weeks later, during his baptism

You can see the difference, can't you? He filled up nicely, yes, except on the head.

Yes, his hair is as thin as it was when he was born. No surprise as I was born with little hair as well and Mr.Frost was born with no hair at all. Add to that the fact that it was probably the result of my amusement of my dad's almost shiny head when I was still pregnant.

I leave you with Issen's picture and video gallery. I uploaded his pictures on Webshots, on this link, which you will find also on this blog's sidebar. I compiled the links of his videos on this webpage.
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    time flies when you're having babies no? ahehe... hope you're all thriving and adjusting to the baby well :)

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