The newbie poker tournament part 2
Monday, March 03, 2008
The guys are organizing another round of newbie poker tournament by the end of the month. This time, they say, it's gonna be played like a real tournament. So what did we do last time? A kids' poker? :D

Anyway, they want me to play again. In fact, they're actually "requiring" all newbies who joined the first time to be part of the second tournament. And this time, the buy-in will be split between the pro and the newb "so that the newbie will feel how it is to play when you're own money is at stake." They say this will encourage the newbie might play more seriously. And they were looking at me when they said this.

They actually think that I didn't play my best last time. I don't know what makes them think that I'm really good with card games and I'm just playing terribly on purpose out of spite. It's not as if my pro partner is teaching me anything. During our briefing last tournament, when he was supposed to be teaching me some techniques, he said nothing but,"You can do this, I know you'll cream them. Pregnant women are lucky in gambling." Right.

I need a poker or a Casino Guide or something to help me through this. Oh wait, I'm probably on my way to the hospital delivery room by the time the tournament pushes through, so I don't need to join them anyway. Ha!

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